January, 2021

Lululemon eCommerce mentions are booming after a strong Holiday season

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Lululemon (LULU)

As we prepped this chart for send today (highlighting Lululemon’s powerful direct-to-consumer presence) LULU tipped its hand…

lululemon DTC
Lululemon did what companies very rarely do — beat us to the punch. The company updated its revenue and earnings expectations for 20Q4 to be near the high end of guidance after a strong holiday season.
LikeFolio data shows recent momentum is driven by a robust digital presence. Direct-to-consumer Purchase Intent mentions increased 49% YoY in the past month.
The current growth rate is a significant acceleration from eCommerce levels recorded in Q3…and mentions remain elevated into the New Year. 
20Q4 ends Jan. 31, and we’ll be watching. So far, eCommerce mentions are very strong and growth is significantly outpacing traditional in-store purchases.

GameStop (GME)

GME provided a holiday sales update today: net revenue declined -3.1% from the previous holiday season while e-commerce sales for the nine weeks ended Jan. 2nd rose by +309% YoY, accounting for 34% of total sales in the period.

LikeFolio data suggests…

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