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Want to find out if a company as a good investment target? Try listening to its customers. And we’re not just talking about surveys, input from influencers, or other methods of gathering information that can skew the facts about public perception and brand value.

Bringing Real Data into the Equation

LikeFolio’s proprietary Brand Mapping Database, and direct partnership with Twitter, allows us to receive and analyze every tweet – good and bad – about the brands and products owned by public companies. This information then integrates with our on-demand research platform, which gives a thorough and accurate depiction of consumer behavior that allows us to spot shifts in consumer behavior before everyone else.

No matter what your interest or position, only LikeFolio has the proven capability to map and deliver any brand’s consumer voice and provide you with the relevant behavioral data and information to reduce risk in your decision-making process. And when that happens, we both win.

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