LikeFolio For... Quantitative Researchers

In an industry where you make or lose fortunes in milliseconds, accurate, dependable and predictable data is king. But if you’re ignoring the consumer you’re only getting part of the equation.

You need creative alternative resources when it comes to uncovering and identifying unpredictable consumer behavior and biases around a company’s brand. You need cutting-edge data sets that keep you ahead of the curve.

Firepower to Back Your Quantitative Research

LikeFolio’s proprietary Brand Mapping Database taps into the Twitterverse to aggregate and clean up the noise around consumer-facing companies. Then our powerful API gives you the data to paint an accurate, predictive and proven portrait of consumer behavior.

LikeFolio is the only company able to map the voice of a brand and provide you with reliable consumer behavior data with the integrity to stand up to scrutiny. Find your creativity. Test us to the hilt. Run the numbers and see for yourself. We’re confident we can predict a successful outcome.

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