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Growing your business means knowing what your customers and potential customers want.  Antiquated polls and focus groups tend to give us the answers we want to hear, rather than real insights into consumer behavior.

That’s where the power of social data comes in.

Marketing Needs to Connect with the Customer’s Voice.

LikeFolio’s bread and butter is identifying trends and shifts in consumer behavior.  We can tell you how consumers are responding to your messaging.  More importantly, we dive deep into topics and trends to see where the consumer is headed and what’s becoming important to them.

Example:  We were able to show a large food company that the “low-carb” movement wasn’t really losing steam, but instead customers were talking about “keto” and “paleo”.  This helped the company position their existing products in the same voice the consumer was using.  Brilliant!

Product Development Shouldn’t Be Based on a Hunch.

At LikeFolio, we don’t ask people what they think.  We analyze what they say.  By listening to consumers when they are voluntarily offering up unsolicited opinions, we can deliver powerful insights into what consumers actually want.

Whether it’s the popularity of a side-door freezer, the impact of wait times on a pizza chain, or the importance of anti-oxidants in your new fizzy beverage, we’ve got data-driven insights to make your R&D efforts more consumer-driven, and ultimately more effective.

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