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Look, it’s tough to stand out from the crowd as an advisor.  Robo-advisors.  Portfolios in a box. Competition has never been more fierce.

Reputation, credibility and a unique value proposition are your life-blood.  We can help with two out of three…

Deliver Unique Value to Your Clients

LikeFolio’s Tactical Model taps into our proven-predictive data to create a model that you’ll be proud to put a slice of your more risk-tolerant client portfolios into.

Our Opportunity Alerts help you stay on top of opportunities in individual equities.  Impress with a full report including unique social data that led to the call.  Perfect for high-touch clients that are highly engaged in the market and seeking a unique edge from their advisor.

Every advisor has a few extremely high-value clients that want exposure to individual equities.  Our Research Dashboard is the perfect addition to your research into individual equities.  Not only will you look really smart when clients ask about individual stocks… you’ll also be able keep a sharp eye on client legacy positions before they get into trouble.

Enhanced Credibility Separates You from the Pack

Hedge funds pay us 10x what you will.  Because our data works.

Every piece of research we send, whether it’s an alert or a change to the tactical model, comes with full PDF explaining the WHY behind each position.  This means you’ll be communicating about companies that your client sees in real life, with a data-driven thesis to back it up.

And when that happens, we both win.

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