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Provide insights into businesses that aren’t consumer-facing

LikeFolio’s entire business is built around analyzing the voluntarily created content of real consumers.  Here’s how it works.  We have no insight into Exxon Mobil, because its primary customers simply don’t tweet about their experience with the company.

As a general rule, the more consumer-facing the company is, and the fewer brands it has, the more predictive and accurate LikeFolio data is going to be.

Give personalized investment advice

We are not a registered investment advisor and have no intention of becoming one.  LikeFolio provides data and signals.  It is up to you to determine how you want to take advantage of them.

Guarantee future results

7 years of historical data is fantastic.  The proof that our data is effective is overwhelming.  But that doesn’t mean we can guarantee that the next opportunity alert or the next set of earnings predictions will be accurate or profitable.  We do everything we can to defend and improve the accuracy of our data and the effectiveness of our signals… our business depends on it.

Predict small revenue changes

LikeFolio Purchase Intent Data does not have the ability to indicate small movements in company revenue growth/decline.  The best use of LikeFolio data is using it to spot outlier shifts and trends in consumer behavior.

Predict company profits (or any spending)

We have no idea how much the company spent to get its customers.  We ONLY have insight into the consumer demand for their products and services.  That’s why when Georgetown University studied our data, they found it to be predictive of company revenues.

Eliminate 100% of spam, bots, or sarcasm in the data

We do a REALLY good job of identifying and killing spam and mentions by bots.  Really good.  But some will always get through.  Same goes for sarcasm, which is probably around 3% of the total mentions in our system.  

In fact, we are so thorough in our approach that in the LikeFolio Research Dashboard we even allow members to correct for outlier data that isn’t spam or bots, but that may not be relevant to their research (example — boycott movements) 

Get you verified on Twitter

Seriously.  We’re good partners of Twitter, and they give us awesome data, but we aren’t going to put in a good word for your personal account 🙂

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