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Earnings Season is a window of time (usually around 6 weeks) where most publicly traded companies are reporting their financial results to investors.

Earnings season usually begins 2-3 weeks after each calendar quarter, and lasts for around 6 weeks.  A typical set of active earnings seasons would look something like this during a year.

Jan 15 – Feb 28
Apr 15 – May 31
Jul 15 – Aug 31
Oct 15 – Nov 30

During each earnings season, every publicly traded company will report their financial results one time.

Each earnings report is highly anticipated by Wall Street and can have a major, immediate impact on the stock price of the company.  

LikeFolio consumer purchase intent data can be used as a tool to predict the revenue that the company will report, and thus provide a powerful edge to traders.

The famous LikeFolio Sunday Earnings Sheet contains Earnings Predictions for all of the companies we cover for the upcoming week of earnings reports, during the earnings season.

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