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Switching your membership in LikeFolio is easy.  Membership changes take effect immediately. 

Prorated billing changes

The unused balance (prorated) of your current plan will be applied to the new plan you select. 

If you are downgrading your membership (rarely happens!), your unused balance will be applied to give you more time in the lower tier membership. 

If you are upgrading your membership (happens often), your unused balance will be applied to reduce the initial billing of the new membership .

How to change your membership

  1. Go to the LikeFolio Research Dashboard and log in.
  2. Click on your email address at the top right.  Select “Account” from the drop down.
  3.  In the Subscriptions section, you will see your current active membership.
  4. Click “Modify”
  5. You are now in our billing portal.  
  6. Click “Change plan” on the right.
  7. Select your new plan and click “Preview Change”
  8. You will now see a full breakdown of the billing changes that will occur, including how any unused credits will apply, your new billing amount, and billing date.
  9. Click “Confirm” to lock in your new membership

Please allow 1 business day for your membership changes to take full effect. 

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