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First and foremost, LikeFolio data is designed to become a powerful part of your trading/investing research, not replace your entire process.  You should have confidence in every trade you place for a variety of reasons.

Getting an edge

The earnings signals are based on our extensive study:  White Paper: LikeFolio Purchase Intent Strategies Performance Report – JUN 2018.pdf

You’ll notice that we are generally in the 60-65% correct range, and our winners are usually bigger than our losers. That’s a significant edge. 

Importantly, we are also extremely transparent regarding the prior success rate on each individual stock in the system’s history.

For a trader, the most important thing is keeping risk low on a per trade basis and increasing the number of opportunities you have over the course of a year.  This can be accomplished through smaller position sizes and through using options and option spreads.
LikeFolio Earnings Predictions will have weeks where we don’t get much right at all, and other weeks where everything goes our way big. 

Again — it’s all about having a unique edge that gives you a much higher likelihood of larger profits over time.

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