Basic Membership

Basic Membership

LikeFolio Basic Membership is our cheapest option, designed for users who only want access to our Research Dashboard and do NOT want our Earnings Predictions or Opportunity Alerts.

The basic membership is also used as a “membership pause” for members. Those who wish to remain LikeFolio members, but who cannot utilize the full benefits of the Trader Membership due to personal or family situations will often downgrade to the basic membership until they are ready to fire back up again with a full Trader membership.

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Latest Insights

Social Data Nailed Walmart Earnings

February 19, 2019

Last week we gave a preview of Walmart earnings on the TD Ameritrade Network: Here is the primary chart we shared, using LikeFolio’s consumer purchase intent data: As you can see, social...

AAPL Earnings Preview

January 29, 2019

AAPL reports earnings tonight after the bell, and that has all eyes on LikeFolio Earnings Prediction data.   That’s because our bearish call on AAPL at $225 immediately after the...