April, 2021

Is Yeti Losing its Cool?

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Is Yeti Losing its Cool?

Last May we issued a bullish alert on Yeti when we saw demand booming into the Summer months. Since then, shares have gained by more than 150% (and are still trading within 10% of these highs). 
Now, consumer demand is shifting. 
Purchase Intent Mentions have decreased 35% YoY.
And digital mentions don’t look much better. 

After a noted bump over the Holiday season, digital Purchase Intent mentions are pacing -15% lower YoY on a 30-day moving average.

It makes us wonder – just how many Yeti Tundra’s does the average consumer need?

If you’re still in YETI, now may be a great time to consider taking sizable profits. And if you’re not, maybe take a breather on this name.

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