November, 2021

Is Robinhood Stock a Buy? ($HOOD)

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Is Robinhood Stock a Buy? ($HOOD)

Speaking of retail traders, Robinhood ($HOOD) has become infamous for its reputation as the brokerage of choice for a younger generation of market newcomers.
The company recently went public, but now there’s some doubt as to whether it’s still the top choice for the newbie retail masses.
Underlying Mentions have surged to new highs in recent months, but not for the right reasons…The most peak in consumer mentions of trading on Robinhood’s platform corresponds with the company’s disastrous Q3 2021 earnings results.
We’re already seeing Robinhood mentions pulling pack in the near term, down nearly -50% in the past month on a 7-day moving average.
Although Consumer Happiness has recovered from the lows seen earlier this year, it remains well below past highs.
Although the near-term mentions are well above prior years, the publicity has not been good — Considering the amount of uncertainty surrounding this stock, including an investigation of its primary revenue driver, we recommend avoiding this name for the time being.

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