November, 2020

Is Draftkings worth betting on here?

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DraftKings (DKNG)

DraftKings has been busy, and is poised for growth.

In the last quarter, DraftKings usage mentions soared, and momentum is continuing into 20Q4.

DraftKings Consumer Demand

You can see sports betting mentions increase across the board as live sports returned, helping to fan DKNG demand.

Sports Gambling Demand

Microsoft (MSFT) -- Xbox Brand Watch

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The new ‘Xbox Series X’ officially launched yesterday, and Consumer Demand rocketed: +106% YoY

The comparatively lukewarm reception garnered by the previous generation console, the ‘Xbox One,’ puts the current level of hype into perspective.

The secondary market highlights how valuable this console is to consumers: An Xbox Series X on Ebay will run you 2-3X MSRP, and you’ll be hard pressed to get one from a traditional retailer in time for Christmas. 

Beyond Meat (BYND)

Shares of BYND plunged -17% in yesterday’s trading session, following a disastrous 20Q3 earnings release. The company reported top and bottom line results that missed market expectations by -29% and -450% respectively.

This was no surprise to LikeFolio members, who are…

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