May, 2021

Is Dillard’s (DDS) Still a Good Re-Opening Buy?

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Is Dillard’s (DDS) Still a Good Re-Opening Buy?

Shares of Dillard’s, Inc. (DDS) are up more than +8% today, bringing their total YTD gain to +84%.

But, is the underlying consumer Demand returning for this department store chain?DDS Purchase Intent Mentions showed promising strength in the fourth quarter of last year, breaking the year-long downtrend seen in 2020.

However, that strength has not continued into the current year with consumer demand now trending –35% QoQ, an all time low on the 90-day moving average.

DDS has an incredibly small float and roughly 15% of those shares are short. As a result, the stock has a history of making aggressive moves at the drop of a hat.

With shares charging to new highs on low volume, we recommend avoiding this name entirely until things calm down.

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