October, 2021

Inflation Fear is STILL Rising

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Inflation Fear is STILL Rising

The number of U.S. consumers expressing fear, uncertainty, or concern about currency inflation has continued to climb in 2021 — Mentions are sitting at a new ATH level: +46% QoQ and +309% YoY on a 30-day moving average.

Despite growing anxiety about inflation (and 4 consecutive CPO prints > +5.0% YoY), the value of the US Dollar (vs. other fiat currencies) has ostensibly gained +5% YTD.
The practice of valuing the USD against a basket of unbacked central bank notes doesn’t provide US citizens with a very clear picture of its true value. But, it does produce some amusing headlines from time to time:
But consumers aren’t watching the Dollar Index…Consumers’ fears stem from observing their daily asset purchases — Food and fuel are of primary concern, with Consumer Mentions of Gas Prices trending +399% YoY (90d MA).

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