November, 2021

Increased Competition is Driving Electric Vehicle Demand ($FSR, $SEV)

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Increased Competition is Driving Electric Vehicle Demand ($FSR, $SEV)

The electric vehicle market has exploded over the past year, and consumer demand continues to rise in tandem with industry developments.
Consumer Mentions of purchasing an electric vehicle have continued to surge to new heights in 21Q4, trending +72% QoQ and +256% YoY (30d).
For several years, Tesla ($TSLA) maintained a stranglehold on the EV market…Now the competition is mounting fast.
The recent wave of consumer purchases corresponds with a flurry of new vehicle options arriving on the market, many of which have been in development for years.
Fisker ($FSR) officially unveiled its long-awaited ‘Ocean’ electric SUV this week – The announcement garnered an all-time high level of consumer Buzz, far surpassing all of the speculative hype in 2020.
This robust consumer response bodes well for the company going forward. However, shares of FSR sold off by roughly -15% in the days following the Ocean’s unveiling.
This selling pressure was felt across the entirety of the EV market, including a recent IPO: Sono Motors ($SEV).
SEV shares rose more than +100% in their public trading debut on Wednesday but have since forfeited more than half of those gains as the market turned against EV stocks.
Despite the price volatility, underlying Mentions of Sono Motors premiere consumer offering, the solar-charging ‘Sion’, show significant near-term strength: +52% QoQ and +109% YoY on a 90-day moving average.
Much of the recent selling pressure for EV names can be attributed to Apple (AAPL), as the tech giant clearly voiced its intentions to enter the market electric vehicle market this week.
That said, Apple listed 2025 as the tentative release date for its own EV model, and consumers want electric cars now.

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