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Skechers (SKX) was a surprise for most of the market, but we saw it coming. See how.

Consumer tweets.

A consumer’s message about a brand or product is captured in real time....ready to be sliced and diced for behavioral insight.

We analyze every tweet.

Literally. We sort through millions of tweets and find what matters. Nothing gets by us.

We dig deep.

To the naked eye, this tweet might seem like the random musings of Daredevil Dad Bob Johnson. But to us, this tweet is chock-full of critical thought and telling sentiments.

  • 1

    Purchase Intent

    Two little words tell us that Bob spent his hard-earned cash and took a pair of Skechers home.

  • 2

    Negative Sentiment

    Sticks and stones make break your bones, but the word "ugly" is an important indicator of Bob's feelings about his sneakers.

  • 3

    Positive Sentiment

    Lack of aesthetic appeal can't beat comfort and wearability, according to Bob.

We put it all together.

We analyze this tweet and millions just like it to let investors know that something big was brewing for Skechers.

You beat Wall Street.

Armed with visibility into the company's explosive sales growth, you show Wall Street who's boss.

After our alert, SKX rose from $24 to over $40 in less than six months on big sales growth!

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