History of Public Predictions

This page is a repository of every public, written prediction made by LikeFolio over the years.

Current Tally:

✔️ 38 correct
2 incorrect

If you find a public, written prediction issued more than 4 months ago that is not on this list, please contact us immediately with full details.  If we missed it, we will add it and give you a $200 credit toward any LikeFolio product!

Let’s get started….

The GRAND DADDY MULTI-CALL:  Chipotle 2017


✔️ The RISE — December 2016

Prediction:  LikeFolio says enthusiasm for beleaguered burrito chain Chipotle is making a comeback.  

Result:  Stock explodes from 380-480 as stores see signs of life and analysts predict higher sales.

✔️ The FALL — Summer 2017

Prediction:  “Unfortunately, the same metrics that led us to accurately predict a Chipotle comeback early in the year are now telling us the turnaround party is officially over.  

Result: The company reports low sales, analysts aren’t happy with CMG and the stock falls from 500 to 320 in a matter of months.

✔️ The DEATH — Fall 2018

Prediction:  LikeFolio issues guidance on CMG stock warning people not to buy into a Chipotle recovery story.  We warned that the queso is causing big problems with consumer happiness.  “Likefolio not buying any Chipotle turnaround story.

Result:  The next day, Chipotle reported that sales are down, queso is to blame and the stock tanked by 50 points from 320 to 270 in a week.

After this disaster, Chipotle finally got rid of their CEO and hired a power player from Taco Bell….ending the great LikeFolio Chipotle run of 2017.

The Rest of our public trades:


✔️ BEBE 1/16/15 – LikeFolio predicted good news for Bebe before the stock jumps 20% on better than expected same store sales.

✔️ ETSY 5/14/15– showed explosive growth after LikeFolio pointed out that social data was through the roof.  

✔️AAPL  1/23/15–LikeFolio says sales for the Apple Watch will be far below expectations and even predicts 9-14 million units will be sold.  Apple reports sales down and only 12 million units sold. 


✔️ DECK  1/28/15–Social mentions and purchase intent mentions drop on UGGS brand. Earnings report shows sales are down and the stock tanks.

✔️ YUM 7/22/15  We sounded the warning bell on Yum! Brands due to dropping social sentiment and social volume.   Three months later, YUM stock drops dramatically on a lackluster sales report.

✔️ MAT  8/13/15 LikeFolio app users alerted that stock could be taking off and 6 months later stock is up 35%.

✔️ KORS 9/21/15 LikeFolio says KORS on the rise based on social data and company later reports positive earnings and is hailed the “comeback king”.

✔️ NFLX 9/23/15 Likefolio believes Netflix could be turning into a victim of its own success.  Six months later, Netflix is warning about slowing subscriber growth and increased churn.

✔️ MCD 10/6/15 shows a rise in purchase intent and positive consumer sentiment regarding all-day breakfast and then stock hits all-time highs near 122

✔️ WMT 1/12/16  WalMart purchase intent is up in a report from LikeFolio…  WalMart shares explode higher after beating Wall Street expectations just a few months later

✔️ LNKD 1/12/16 LikeFolio spots more and more people talking about canceling their LinkedIn subscriptions.  In the next quarter’s report, LNKD crashes on poor performance.

✔️ TSLA 2/16/16 tweets for Tesla go through the roof.  Then the company reports 400,000 pre-orders for Model 3 and stock takes off.

✔️ AMZN 2/24/16 Amazon shares had been taking a big hit in the prior months, from highs near $700/share down to around $540. LikeFolio defended the stock, saying Amazon is primed to dominate.  It did.

✔️ JWN 2/17/16  LikeFolio sees Nordstrom as a turnaround story and issues a bullish alert on the stock prior to it moving up nearly 20% over the next few months.

❌ GPRO 3/4/16 LikeFolio contributes to a news story saying that the selling in GoPro is overdone and the company may turnaround.  Boy were we wrong… the stock fell to all-time lows over the next months…

✔️ ✔️ LOW & HD 3/29/16 social data shows Lowe’s has more purchase intent mentions than Home Depot. Subsequently, Lowe’s shows a strong earnings beat and HD shares fall.

✔️ ✔️ F & DNKN 4/20/16 LikeFolio says buy Ford and Dunkin. Ford then reports its best quarter in 113 years and Dunkin reports a good quarter.

✔️ NTDOY 7/17/16 Social-data led the stock price higher as Nintendo launched Pokemon go.

✔️ TSLA 8/2/16 Purchase Intent from LikeFolio data drops considerably and then shares go down 16%. 

✔️ UBER & LYFT 8/31/16 Lyft getting more consumer attention on social media then sees bookings soar.

✔️ NKE 8/23/16 We issued a strong warning to our premium clients about Nike.  The stock dropped over 16% quickly.


❌ ZNGA 2/12/16 LikeFolio warns investors that the stock price could be going downbased on social data mentions but we were wrong here and the stock price went up.

✔️ LULU 12/18/16 LikeFolio says LULU dominates and stock price moves from $58 to $70 in a few trading hours. 

✔️ PCLN 1/12/17 LikeFolio says Priceline is topping out and then we see the stock decline.

✔️ HRB 4/18/2017 – LikeFolio claims H&R Block had a great tax season.  HRB shows 24% gain in June 2017 after reporting a huge tax season.

✔️ BWLD 5/24/17  Purchase intent data shows Buffalo Wild Wings could be in trouble.  Over the next 3 months, BWLD lost almost $50/share as investors fled the company amid lousy sales reports.

✔️ WTW 6/19/17 – LikeFolio claimed a Weight Watchers comeback is underway based on social data showing the company adding high levels of new members.  We then saw WTW stock rise from 27 to over 45 over a 3 month period as Weight Watchers surprisingly positive sales results keep rolling in.

✔️ EXPR 8/24/17 – August 24, 2017 to end of the month

✔️ AAPL 9/16/17  iPhone X demand sends AAPL stock to new highs, just as LikeFolio predicted.

✔️ SKX 10/16/17 –  Increase in consumer demand shows a big opportunity.  Not long after, SKX is the biggest gainer on Wall Street and is up 40% for the day.

✔️ WYN  10/19/17 — LikeFolio sees a breakout for WYN in the future by looking at booking mentions.  The stock rallies over 16% on increased sales over the next three months.

✔️✔️ FDX & UPS 11/19/17 – LikeFolio says both FDX and UPS off to a good start for the holiday season –  Both stocks then rally in a huge way through the end of the year!

✔️ SNAP 02/13/18 — LikeFolio says users are dropping Snapchat in huge numbers due to new user interface, warns on stock.  Stock drops massively after disppointing quarterly reports highlighting reduced user engagement.

SIG 03/14/18 — LikeFolio sees purchase intent mentions and consumer happiness starting to climb for beaten-down Signet.  EXITED FOR 10% GAIN….image pending.

✔️ FB 03/28/18 — LikeFolio dives deep into social data to see what impact the Cambridge Analytica scandal is having on Facebook usage.   The stock rallies over 10% in a matter of 20 days as investor fears subside.

Stay tuned for more…

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