February, 2021

Here’s what going on with Silver…

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Trend Watch: Silver Investing

Recently, we’ve been tracking elevated consumer chatter surrounding precious metal investments, particularly silver.
Consumer mentions of investing in Silver Futures, ETFs, and Bullion have surged to a record high in the past month, trending +930% YoY and +223% above the Summer 2020 highs. The short squeeze on iShares Silver Trust (SLV) failed, but there’s evidence that things are heating up again:
  • Retail investors are buying physical silver and ETFs in droves
  • Sprot Physical Silver Trust (PSLV) is seeing record inflows, already +40% above the past monthly high.
  •  BlackRock converted $470M worth of gold into silver this week
  •  Price Backwardation in the silver futures market
  • Here’s an great read if you’re interested in motivation behind the “we can do to silver what we did to GME” mindset.
silver investing mentions

It’s still unclear how this situation will resolve, but we’ll be closely monitoring this trend going forward.

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