November, 2021

Gaming is Leading the Crypto Markets ($MANA, $SAND, $ENJ, $ILV)

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Gaming is Leading the Crypto Markets ($MANA, $SAND, $ENJ, $ILV)

We’ve has been pounding the table for the blockchain gaming space since we first identified Axie Infinity ($AXS) as an outperformer in July…Since then, we’ve heavily featured gaming-focused cryptocurrency projects with bullish recommendations.
Although the overall cryptocurrency market has declined roughly -1% over the past week, we’ve seen notable outperformance across from many of our favorites. Recent outperformers from the past week include:
  •  Decentraland ($MANA): +23%
  •  The Sandbox ($SAND): +65%
  •  Enjin Coin ($ENJ): +10%
  •  MyNeighborAlice ($ALICE): +8.5%
  •  Illuvium ($ILV): +54%
  •  Decentral Games ($DG): +42%
Underlying trend data shows that gaming is still the most powerful force in the blockchain space, outperforming all other cryptocurrency trends by more than +100% on a quarter-over-quarter basis.

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