November, 2020

Gamers can’t get enough of Nvidia’s graphics cards

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Nvidia (NVDA)

Would you look at that?! It’s no leg lamp, but this chart of consumer demand is beautiful. 

Nvidia Consumer Purchase Intent Mentions overlaid on stock

Purchase Intent in 21Q3 increased +92% QoQ, +160% YoY (the highest quarterly volume we’ve ever recorded).

LikeFolio’s data is consumer driven, meaning we have more insight into the gaming portion of Nvidia’s business and less into its growing data center segment. These two segments comprise ~88% of Nvidia’s revenue.

In the last quarter, Consumer Demand for NVDA’s GeForce Now (cloud gaming) platform and RTX graphics cards has rocketed.

Nvidia releases earnings Nov. 18 after the bell.

DraftKings (DKNG)

DraftKings shares are buzzing higher today after analysts announced a $100 price target.

To this we say, welcome to the party. 

LikeFolio featured DKNG in a bullish note ahead of DKNG’s 20Q3 earnings release. Shares have gained more than 15% since then, and we see…

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