November, 2021

GALA: Upping the Decentralization ($GALA)

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GALA: Upping the Decentralization ($GALA)

Speaking of blockchain gaming and explosive growth, we’ve recently identified yet another project to add to the buy list: Gala ($GALA)
Gala operates like many other blockchain-based gaming protocols (NFT assets, play-to-earn-mechanics, open markets). But, it’s taking things a step further in terms of decentralization.
Most blockchain games are still centralized to a degree. For instance, Axie Infinity was developed and is still run by a centralized team who are responsible for updating gameplay and setting player rewards – Gala aims to give players more control.
Gala’s game ecosystem provides asset-holding players with voting rights specific to game development and major investors with input on ecosystem development.
$GALA received a Coinbase ($COIN) listing 2 weeks ago, and the price of the token has surged by more than +500% since then.
Underlying chatter regarding the Gala gaming platform and $GALA tokens show equally impressive growth – Mentions are currently at an all-time high level: +181% QoQ and +57% in the past week (30d MA).

With a market cap of nearly $5B, GALA has already established itself as a major player in the blockchain gaming space…However, the project still has yet to scratch the surface of its full potential, and we’re excited to see what it can accomplish as development continues.

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