September, 2021

Ethereum Awareness is Rising ($ETH)

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Ethereum Awareness is Rising ($ETH)

Ethereum ($ETH) has always played second fiddle to Bitcoin ($BTC) in terms of relevancy and recognition… But, rising adoption of the Ethereum blockchain is starting to change that.
Over the past week, Ethereum (not Bitcoin) led the entire cryptocurrency market higher, surging by more than +20% to new highs.

Underlying consumer Buzz confirms ETH’s growing relevance: Total Mentions of Ethereum are at a new ATH and still trending higher, +9% QoQ and +253% YoY (30d Moving Average).
As the centerpiece of the push for decentralized technology, Ethereum’s DApp-friendly blockchain gains additional active users by the day.
The organic growth of the ETH network seems to contradict speculation that cryptocurrencies are “worthless” and will “go to zero” – It’s hard to argue against proven utility.

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