Earnings Sheets

Earnings Sheets

Capture big profits from overnight moves.  Use LikeFolio’s data advantage to play earnings with a valuable edge.


Got Questions? Good... here are the answers.

Companies release their “earnings reports” once per quarter, updating Wall Street on their business by providing revenue and profit reports for the prior three months.  Often times, these reports cause a significant move in the stock price.  An earnings trade attempts to profit off of this short-term movement by entering a position prior to the earnings release, and exiting after the stock has reacted.

The Sunday Earnings Sheet is a guide to the upcoming week of earnings reports.  We tell you who is reporting earnings, and provide you with our consumer insights data to help you determine if Wall Street will be excited or disappointed in the results.  Think of the Sunday Sheet as your “tip sheet” at the racetrack, using our powerful and proven data to create your advantage.  You can download a sample earnings sheet here.

Sunday Earnings Sheets are delivered via email, with a link inside that is clickable to open the PDF for use on your computer or to print out. 
Early Access Data is sent in Excel format, so that you can see the raw data immediately as the quarter ends (giving you a significant time advantage).
In addition, the alerts are posted in our members’ only slack channel for full LikeFolio Members.

No.  LikeFolio is not a “follow me” service.  Every trader and investor has different goals, trading styles and risk tolerances.  Trading earnings means volatile positions often held for short periods of time.

Because time is extremely valuable, especially in trading.  Early Access Data means that instead of waiting for the Sunday Sheet on the week the company reports, you’ll actually get the full data within days of the company’s end of fiscal quarter.  We have found that this can be more valuable as markets can sometimes anticipate earnings reports during the lag between end of quarter and the report date.

It’s up to you.  Some of our members enter positions based on the Early Access Data and hold through 2-3 weeks after the report.  Others trade the day before the earnings report and get out the day after.  It really depends on your personality, system and bankroll.

Defined risk!  Stocks can move a large amount on earnings, so it’s important to understand the risk of the position you’re taking before you place the trade.  LikeFolio data gives you an edge — but it is not a silver bullet.  There will be losers (around 40-45% of the time), so it’s all about keeping your risk tight and your number of opportunities high!

When you sign up, you’ll automatically be sent the most recent Sunday Earnings Sheet, and then subsequent sheets from there.  You’ll also be invited to the strategy webinars (if on the full membership package) and member slack channel.  Early Access subscribers (and full members) will begin getting End of Quarter excel reports immediately.

We do not offer refunds due to the premium value of the data and alerts that will be delivered to you in the first 30 days of membership.  It’s simply not fair to other buyers.  If you wish to cancel for any reason, simply reply to any alert email to let us know (or contact us) and you will not be billed again.  No questions asked!

“I don't know how you guys saw ROKU coming but needless to say, I'm impressed. Very impressed. Keep them coming!"

-John, LikeFolio Member
“The webinars are really awesome. Some of the stuff you guys come up with in terms of trade strategy just blows my mind. Why couldn't I have found you before my losses?"

-Scott, LikeFolio Member
“The very first trade (IRBT) has paid for this service for years. Awesome!"

-Brent, LikeFolio Member

Powerful Data. Big Opportunities. Simple Trading.

Cut through the noise, get right to the signal.  That’s what Opportunity Alerts are all about.  

Profit from Wall Street’s Ignorance

LikeFolio data is proven to be predictive of company revenue numbers that analysts miss. It’s a huge advantage that you will have on your side of every trade.

Utilize Expert Strategies

Every trade alert comes with example trade strategies to help you capture the most advantage possible. Define risk, maximize opportunities!

Discover What Others Miss

Adding LikeFolio data to your research workflow gives you a data advantage that others don’t have access to. What’s better than that?

Learn from Other Great Traders

At LikeFolio, we’re in this together. You’ll always have full access to our experienced staff and the incredible brains of other members.

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How LikeFolio Discovers Shifts in Consumer Behaviors

Imagine if you could “listen in” on millions of conversations that real consumers were having about the brands and products owned by publicly traded companies. The products they like, the brands they hate…and most importantly, what companies they are spending money with. That would be pretty powerful information, right? That’s exactly what LikeFolio does.

We’ve developed a powerful algorithm, and through a direct partnership with Twitter, we identify when consumers are buying more (or less) from companies, which products are hits, and which are flops. We then identify shifts in those consumer trends on Main Street, before they become news on Wall Street and impact the stock price.

It’s like seeing what’s going on in real-time while the rest of the world waits for the report. Amazing!

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