October, 2021

Domino’s is Defending its Market Share Dominance

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Domino's is Defending its Market Share Dominance

When Dominos reports 21Q3 results October 14 before the bell, investors will be listening to understand if the company can maintain the momentum generated in the past year.

As a whole, Pizza delivery mentions have normalized (-31% YoY) as consumers return to pre-pandemic habits. However, our data suggests that Domino’s may be best positioned in the Pizza delivery segment. Here’s why we’re optimistic about the company’s growth prospects, long-term:

  • DPZ is extending its market share lead vs. peers.

The company currently holds around 47% of Pizza demand mentions. A year ago, this number was just about 45%. A small change, but positive for Domino’s. Even with rising competition, the company is extending its dominance.

  • DPZ is showing strength in segments with higher margins, like carryout

Domino’s carryout mentions have increased by +40% vs. 2019 and holding flat vs. 2020 levels.

This is impressive. And makes sense. The company invested heavily in this segment in 2020. Carryout currently comprises ~43% of DPZ sales and noted a return to growth in this segment in Q2. LikeFolio data suggests this growth will continue.

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