February, 2021

Dish Network (DISH) can’t catch a break

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Dish Network (DISH)

We initiated a bearish alert for Dish Network (DISH) in September of 2019, citing a high number of consumers talking about getting rid of their cable subscription.

Since then, we’ve seen a drastic decline in underlying demand for Dish Network and it’s OTT streaming service Sling TV, With Purchase Intent Mentions trending -48% YoY in the past 90 days.


This drawdown in Purchase Intent Mention volume aligns with the -6% decline in Pay-TV subscribers reported in 20Q4. Both traditional cable and Sling TV subscriber numbers were lower than the previous year. 

Despite its shrinking subscriber base Dish Network is still clinging to sales growth, with hefty price increases for its remaining customers…shares are trading -5% lower today, after receiving a downgrade from Pivotal Research Group.

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