November, 2021

Decentral Games is Making Moves in the Metaverse ($DG)

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Decentral Games is Making Moves in the Metaverse ($DG)

Decentral Games ($DG) is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) focused on the development of blockchain games with metaverse-compatible elements like NFTs, play-to-earn mechanics, and immersive 3D experiences.
Investor chatter relating to Decentral Games and its governance token, $DG, exploded to a new ATH level last week, trending nearly +1500% QoQ on a 7-day moving average.
$DG tokens can be staked in exchange for the ability to vote on governance proposals (participating in the DAO). Additionally, tokens holders can earn passive income by providing liquidity for swap pools.
The price of $DG has increased by nearly +100% in the past month and is consolidating at an all-time high level.
Decentral Games boasts partnerships with several high-powered entities including Binance ($BNB), Decentraland ($MANA), and Theta Network ($THETA).

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