April, 2021

Crypto Spotlight: ChainLink (LINK-USD)

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Crypto Spotlight: ChainLink (LINK-USD)

Chainlink (LINK-USD) is a platform in the decentralized finance (‘de-fi’) space which aims to reliably integrate data from the outside world (weather, stock prices, etc.) into a format that can be utilized by smart-contracts on a secure blockchain.  
Chainlink tokens, $LINK, serve as both a reward and a reputation score for the ‘Oracles’ providing accessible data feeds on the Chainlink network. Like most cryptocurrencies, $LINK tokens also function like stock in the Chainlink network itself; many investors believe that Chainlink’s unique use case and proven functionality will see it utilized heavily in the future.

Looking at the number of Cashtag Mentions over time, it’s not hard to see that the rising level of investment interest has been a key driver for the massive moves in the price of  $LINK tokens. Bitcoin (BTC-USD) has continued its correction today (down more than -10% in the past week)…Chainlink has bucked the downtrend, up 6.5%.

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