November, 2020

Covid Vaccine: Winners & Losers

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Trend Watch -- Looking Ahead

We knew this day would come. Pfizer announced successful vaccine trial results today, and the market reacted powerfully to the news.

Many previous quarantine winners are getting a haircut (ZM, PTON, NLS), and others are showing signs of market optimism (PLNT, airlines, cruise lines).

At LikeFolio, we’re not just monitoring consumer demand within these companies. We’re monitoring behavior shifts at the macro-trend level. We know many behaviors are likely to shift back to “normal” as virus fears subside. However, other behavior changes are more permanent.

Here are some trends on our watchlist, and how they’ve fared in the last quarter.

It will be critical to watch how the needle moves for behaviors displayed on chart above. When we see meaningful shifts, LikeFolio clients will be the first to know.

Landon talked about this today on the TD Ameritrade Network

Apple (AAPL)

Pre-ordering opened for Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max and Mini on Friday, Nov. 6. LikeFolio recorded a surge in mentions, but volume was notably…

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