November, 2021

Costco Stock is Booming, and We aren’t Surprised ($COST)

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Costco Stock is Booming, and We aren’t Surprised ($COST)

Shares of the wholesale retailer Costco ($COST) Surged to a new ATH this week after the company’s October sales results greatly surpassed expectations…This outperformance comes as no surprise to LikeFolio members.
We’ve been maintaining a bullish outlook on this top-tier company since 2017, based on the consistent uptrend in underlying consumer Demand.
Although consumers’ mentions of shopping at Costco have slowed relative to the inorganic spike in growth seen last year, they’re still trending higher vs 2019:  +10% vs. 2019 (1-year moving average).
Earlier this year, we published a bullish opportunity alert noting that Costco’s Purchase Intent Mention volume was showing continued strength into 2021.

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