October, 2020

Consumers react to PayPal’s Crypto announcement

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PayPal (PYPL)

Last week we touched on a huge crypto announcement from PayPal that clears two major hurdles:

  1. Getting crypto in a usable form for retail purchases.
  2. Enabling a wide range of merchant acceptance (26 million in PayPal network).

Since the announcement, LikeFolio recorded a massive surge in positive, pent-up demand: consumers are very excited for this functionality.


This news makes PayPal’s earnings release next week a bit more complicated.

LikeFolio recorded a softening in Purchase Intent in 20Q3: -19% QoQ, +5% YoY. PayPal releases earnings Nov. 2 after the bell.

Netflix (NFLX) update

Yesterday Netflix announced a new price increase for it’s most popular subscription plan. It looks like NFLX learned a lesson from the $2 price hike announced in January 2019. This time, the customer outrage is looking…

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