January, 2021

Consumer demand holds for high-end iPhone 12 models

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Apple (AAPL)

Apple’s first quarter of FY 2021 ended the day after Christmas…which means we’ve got a sneak peek of quarterly demand before the company releases earnings. 
Here’s what we’re watching:
Apple Quarterly Purchase Intent
Consumer demand increased 17% YoY in 21Q1, led by a staggered/delayed iPhone 12 product suite release, and continued popularity of work/workout-from-home devices iPad and Mac.
Comprehensive iPhone demand remains slightly elevated YoY (+3%) — but it is relevant to note which models are most popular among consumers. 
iPhone 12 model comparison

LikeFolio data displays continued strength from the more expensive Pro and Pro Max, even months post-release.

Chipotle (CMG)

Yesterday (Jan. 4) Chipotle announced a new menu item: cilantro-lime cauliflower rice.

This move makes sense, considering demand for the plant-based “grain” alternative is…

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