A Winning Combination for Curtis

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When Curtis decided to make trading his full-time occupation, he turned to LikeFolio’s unique and powerful data as a key component in his successful trading strategy.

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The Challenge:
Trading for income is really hard

“When I first set out to do this, I honestly wasn’t sure how long it would last, but I knew it was something I had to try.”   

That’s how Curtis described his foray into full-time trading.

Trading for an income stream requires the kind of consistent profits that can only come from a disciplined approach to analysis, smart risk control, and a true data & insights advantage.

Luckily, Curtis had spent a few years working at a hedge fund, and many more trading on his own.  This experience helped him develop a strategy he knew he could stick to, and an understanding of tight risk control that would be necessary to survive the inevitable bad streaks.

But one thing was missing – a statistically proven, mathematical advantage that he could implement on a high-frequency basis.  He was missing his edge.

Deploying the secret weapon

Curtis initially put a LikeFolio membership into his research process “because it was so unique, and just made so much sense.  It was worth a shot.” At the beginning, LikeFolio’s Opportunity Alerts provided idea-generation for his research, and the LikeFolio Research Dashboard gave him a unique view into the performance of consumer-facing companies.  Great stuff to combine with his other fundamental and technical research workflows.

Sunday Earnings Sheets were what took LikeFolio’s value up a whole new level for an active, full-time trader like Curtis.  

“I watched these signals hit time and time again… more winners than losers, and the gains were larger than the losers. I knew I had to implement the earnings calls to really maximize opportunities and achieve the consistency I was looking for.”

Curtis utilized LikeFolio data, insights and signals to develop a strong trading strategy.  He used options to create a large number of defined-risk opportunities where he had a statistical edge on the market thanks to data and insights from LikeFolio.

The success story – one year and counting

After the first full year of being a full-time trader, Curtis has found his rhythm.  He’s still trading full-time, and has developed the consistent approach and strategy that was his goal.  

“LikeFolio’s stuff is really good,” Curtis told us.  “It’s opened up a whole new way of thinking about trading.  Every day with earnings releases is an opportunity now… very fun and the data is performing great.  In fact, it’s become almost the only unique data source I use.”

While he stresses that full-time trading probably isn’t for everyone (“I highly suggest having a guaranteed income stream in the household”), his success is proof positive that a disciplined strategy combined with a proven, unique data set such as LikeFolio is indeed a winning combination.

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