June, 2021

Can the Coinbase (COIN) listing send DOGE Higher?

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Can the Coinbase (COIN) listing send DOGE Higher?

Despite falling more than -50% from the ATH price seen in early May, the “meme cryptocurrency” Dogecoin (DOGE-USD) is still in the top 10 with a market cap of >$50B.
From a Mention volume perspective, we’re not seeing the same mania from retail investors which drove the initial price increase. Still, Cashtag Mentions crested above the 7-day moving average yesterday (a bullish indicator).

The recent uptick in chatter comes as a result to Coinbase’s (COIN) decision to add DOGE to its professional trading platform.

The price of Dogecoin is surging, up +30% in the past 24 hours – We’ll be looking for a sustained increase in underlying Mentions to support this event-driven bump.

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