August, 2021

Can Quibi Make a Comeback on the Roku Channel?

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Can Quibi Make a Comeback on the Roku Channel?

Last April, the announcement and launch of a new streaming platform called ‘Quibi’ made some waves online…However, it quickly became clear that $1.75 billion worth of investments and high-profile CEOs would not be enough to save the first-of-its-kind, mobile-focused streaming service.
The trend in underlying consumer Demand for Quibi details its fleeting lifespan — Interest surged following the highly-publicized launch but never returned to those initial levels post-release.
Quibi officially shut down just 6 months later, with the global pandemic and lockdowns cited as a key reason for the platform’s failure.
Several months after its official closure, Roku (ROKU) acquired Quibi for pennies on the dollar, with the hope of bolstering its own content portfolio.
Today, ROKU announced that it will add 23 shows from Quibi to it’s “originals” airing on the Roku Channel.

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