December, 2020

Call of Duty consumer demand propels Activision above peers

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Activision Blizzard (ATVI), Take-Two Interactive (TTWO)

Gaming is gaining steam again. First-time gaming mentions increased +5% in the last month vs. prior quarter, and are currently pacing +81% YoY.
Xbox and PlayStation released new consoles in November, and those sold out in minutes.
Activision and Take-Two timed game releases/upgrades in November strategically alongside console drops. Call of Duty is performing significantly better in the last 30 days vs. prior year. This game is propelling ATVI demand higher than peer TTWO:
activision vs take-two demand growth

We’ve got a close eye on game-specific performance through the gift-giving season, but right now it’s clear Activision has an edge.

Alphabet (GOOGL)

Consumers take Google’s ubiquitous service offerings for granted. This phenomenon is clear when looking at the company’s underlying mentions.

Google’s services, including Youtube and Gmail, suffered a worldwide outage yesterday, and mention volume…

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