November, 2018

Black Friday Flash: Which Retailers Won With Consumers On Thanksgiving?

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Black Friday Weekend (leading into Cyber Monday) can make or break a company’s holiday quarter…and even their full year.

We’ve seen it before, like last year when social media data predicted Best Buy’s stock would breakout big over the following months.

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Early 2018 Results (Thanksgiving Day)

Believe it or not, many stores start their big sales on Thanksgiving evening.  Here’s a quick look at consumer purchase intent mentions, which can show us how some key retailers fared yesterday compared to their Thanksgiving performance a year ago:

2018 Thanksgiving Day purchase intent mentions compared to Thanksgiving Day 2017

As you can see, Macy’s and Target saw nice growth in their 2018 Thanksgiving Day results, while Kohl’s remained fairly flat year over year.

The big loser of yesterday was Best Buy, which saw a massive 38.5% decrease in Thanksgiving Day purchase intent mentions compared to the prior year.

Walmart had an awesome showing, grabbing a dominant position in consumer enthusiasm and showing a massive 85.3% year over year jump in purchase intent.

The Big Money Is Still To Come

While Thanksgiving Day performance can give us a clue as to how a company’s promotions are performing with consumers, it’s still too early to tell which are going to put up the big numbers like we saw with Best Buy this year.

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