April, 2021

Apple’s HomePod: Winning Where it Counts

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Apple's HomePod: Winning Where it Counts

Google just released its 2nd-Generation “Nest Hub” smart home display…
It’s going to need a strong reception to put a dent in the Apple (AAPL) HomePod’s commanding market lead.

Combined analysis of consumers’ Purchase Intent and Sentiment Mentions clearly shows that the HomePod is the leading Smart Home brand in terms of both growth and volume.

These brands aren’t exclusive 1-to-1 comparisons: Arlo (ARLO) specializes in the minutia of smart home connectivity (light bulbs, thermostats, and mesh WiFi systems), and, we’re not going to delve into Amazon’s staggering array of Smart Home products.

However, the fact remains that Smart Home systems don’t need to be uniform in brand, and Apple is winning where it counts:

The highly-visible (and expensive) centerpiece.

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