February, 2021

Amazon’s story is impressive, but our eyes are on Target

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Amazon (AMZN), Target (TGT)

Amazon just delivered a +$100 billion dollar quarter. And this shocked no one.

Market reaction was fairly muted as the news of Jeff Bezos stepping down dominated chatter. 

Comprehensive Amazon Purchase Intent Mentions are about 10% higher than they were last year…pretty impressive considering the volume of mentions captured.

amazon purchase intent mentions

But during our research, another name caught our eye: Target. 

Check out mentions of omnichannel engagement with Target (buy-online-pickup-in-store, curbside pickup, delivery): +97% YoY in the last quarter. 

Now that’s a nice chart. 

We’ve got an eye on these retailers moving forward. Right now it’s clear Target is continuing to improve its positioning with consumers. 

Activision (ATVI)

Yesterday, Activision Blizzard (ATVI) reported earnings for the “best year in their 30-year history,” citing the mainstay Call of Duty franchise as the key to its success.

This comes as no surprise to avid LikeFolio Subscribers… We’ve been pointing to the surging Call of Duty player base since March of last year and favorably mentioned the franchise twice during the 2020 holiday season.

Now, consumer Mentions of playing a game in the Call of Duty franchise are…

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