About Us

Turning Consumer Behavior into Actionable Insights

Allow us to introduce ourselves. We’re LikeFolio, the social media insider to behavioral insights on brands. We capture the voice of the consumer for investors who know that listening can make all the difference.

Our proprietary Brand Mapping Database and direct partnership with Twitter allows us to receive and analyze every tweet about brands and products owned by public companies. Then, we use our unique, on-demand research platform to paint an accurate, predictive and proven portrait of consumer behavior. We identify shifts in consumer behavior before it becomes news on Wall Street.

Believing in Data

At LikeFolio, we didn’t set out to become a leader in tracking consumer behavior around brands through social media. But when you discover something this unique and so applicable to the market, you don’t walk away. LikeFolio isn’t something we “believe in” – we know our data is accurate, and we have the proof to back it up. It’s why we’re so confident in the promises we make to our select industry clients who recognize the value LikeFolio delivers.

Latest Insights

LikeFolio Q4 Earnings Season Preview

January 11, 2019

Earnings Season is upon us!  Last quarter was good and the first Sunday Earnings Sheet of the quarter will go out this Sunday.  Here’s a preview: Get a Season Pass today to join in on all...