January, 2022

5 Stocks I CANNOT WAIT to trade on earnings

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5 Stocks I CANNOT WAIT to trade on earnings

As we are kicking off the Q1 2022 Earnings Season, I asked Harrison Sweeney, our top earnings analyst, to give us a sneak peek of five of the stocks that are already starting to look like great setups for earnings trades.

Harrison is a stats guy… and cuts to the chase.

Here’s the five he sent me, along with his reasons for excitement.
  • Strong Consumer Buzz & Happiness growth
  • The algorithm is 4/6, Andy & Landon both 2/2 historically trading this stock
  • The Street has low expectations after 3 revenue misses in a row


  • Strong Buzz & Consumer Demand growth
  • All trading styles are 3/4 – Scored on bullish trades in past 3 quarters
  • Excellent revenue recovery from 2020 devastation


  • Consumer Buzz & Demand still showing acceleration
  • Big score to the upside last quarter on earnings trade
  • Has since filled the gap back lower
  • The overall long-term bullish thesis remains unchanged


  • Consumer Buzz & Demand showing acceleration
  • System 3/4, Andy 3/3, Landon 2/2 on historical earnings trades
  • Strong EPS growth — Critical in the current environment


  • Consumer Buzz & Demand Acceleration
  • System 4/6, Andy 4/4, Landon 2/3
  • We passed on a +19 Score last quarter – and missed a nice move higher – Looking for redemption!

To be clear, none of those scores are official yet. There’s a lot that can happen for each of these companies between now and the week they report earnings.

But when it’s time to pull the trigger on each of these, we’ll be ready…. and members will be the first to know with our famous Sunday Earnings sheets.

And don’t worry – Harrison has assured me there are a LOT more fantastic opportunities coming throughout the season.

Let’s go!

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