November, 2021

3 Major Tailwinds Propelling PayPal…

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3 Major Tailwinds Propelling PayPal...

Don’t underestimate the power of macro-level consumer trends.
When consumers self-report major changes in day-to-day activities, it’s important to take notice.
But long-term, 3 major trends are setting up in PayPal’s favor…
1. Cryptocurrency Interest is High, and Holding
In fact, mentions of using PayPal or Venmo to buy and hold one of four cryptocurrencies have increased +15% YoY (and +388% vs. 2019), building on a powerful launch in 2020.
We highlighted PayPal’s outperformance vs. peer Square, ~2 weeks ago.
PayPal’s diverse offerings appear to supply the digital wallet with a competitive edge.
Speaking of digital wallets…
2. Digital Wallet Usage Mentions are Rocketing
We featured the top players in Digital Wallets in our September MegaTrends report.
Since then, consumer mentions of using the core features of a digital wallet (including peer-to-peer payments, direct deposits, checking out online, etc) have continued to rise.
3. PayPal is Well Positioned to Capitalize on Increased Mobile Purchasing Activity
Consumers increasingly complete purchases directly on their phones, even shunning the once progressive computer or tablet.
Mobile Shopping Mentions have increased +36% YoY and continue to rise as consumers shop during the holiday season.
And external data suggests this phenomenon extends beyond “online” purchases, with many completing purchases via mobile app in physical stores.

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