LikeFolio Tactical Model: Year 1 Results

LikeFolio Tactical Model: Year 1 Results

The first year of the LikeFolio Tactical Model is in the books.

Here are the results:

June 16, 2017 Starting Value:  $100,000

June 18, 2018 closing bell Value:  $119,130

1 year gain:  +19.13%

Positions entered:  22

Positions exited:  11

Best performing exited position:  WTW +53.8%

Worst performing exited position:  EXPE -14.4%

About the model:

The LikeFolio Tactical Model is a long-only strategy with 8-18 individual equity positions open at any one time.  An equity is selected for the model because LikeFolio social data of consumer behavior indicates that the company should outperform Wall Street expectations over the next 9-18 months.  The model is updated monthly.

Accessing the model:

All LikeFolio memberships receive the LikeFolio Tactical Model updates.

The Tactical Model is also available to Investment Advisors through the Riskalyze Partner Store.


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