How LikeFolio Works

How LikeFolio Works

Incredible Brand Mapping

We have an amazing database of brands and products which tie back to the public companies that own them. Example:  We know that Pepsi owns Doritos, Disney owns ESPN, and Apple owns iPhone.

Partnership with Twitter

We work directly with Twitter to ensure we get every tweet that mentions those brands or products. We consume and analyze millions of tweets every day, directly from Twitter.


Analysis of Every Tweet

Each one of those millions of tweets are analyzed to determine consumer happiness and consumer spend. We want to know not just what consumers are talking about, but how they are talking about it.  Think of this as an enormous, constant real-time brand survey.

Comprehensive Analytics

We compile the analytics of that data to show how a company’s brands/products are doing over time, or versus competitors. This data offers a unique edge to investors because it can show shifts in consumer behavior on Main Street before it becomes news and affects the stock Wall Street.



World Class Research and Alert Products

On Demand Research returns this social-data on any company in the world, by request.
Opportunity Alerts notify subscribers of statistically-significant shifts in consumer social data.
LikeFolio API for Platforms allows applications and brokerages to display social-data to their clients.
LikeFolio API for Funds provides a real-time stream of powerful data directly into professional trading algorithms and research tools.


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