The App.

Discover investment opportunities on Wall Street by understanding consumer shifts on Main Street.

 LikeFolio analyzes social mentions of the brands & products owned by publicly traded (and some privately held) companies.The LikeFolio app puts a treasure-trove of consumer sentiment and purchase intent data at your fingertips... allowing you to see opportunities that others miss.


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Get a special offer when you open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account through LikeFolio


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The Verdict.

Hear what our clients have to say.

Andy Swan

As the CEO of LikeFolio, even I am amazed by how truly great LikeFolio is.

Andy Swan
Nick Huhn

I used LikeFolio a couple weeks ago to find an investment idea in $ROX.  I just noticed it is up 79%.  Boom.

Nick Huhn
Nicole Sherrod, TD Ameritrade

LikeFolio is breaking new ground by tying social media mentions of brands to the stocks they roll up to.

Nicole Sherrod, TD Ameritrade