The App.

Discover investment opportunities on Wall Street by understanding consumer shifts on Main Street.

 LikeFolio analyzes social mentions of the brands & products owned by publicly traded (and some privately held) companies.The LikeFolio app puts a treasure-trove of consumer sentiment and purchase intent data at your fingertips... allowing you to see opportunities that others miss.


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Get a special offer when you open a TD Ameritrade brokerage account through LikeFolio


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The Verdict.

Hear what our clients have to say.

Nick Huhn

I used LikeFolio a couple weeks ago to find an investment idea in $ROX.  I just noticed it is up 79%.  Boom.

Nick Huhn
Nicole Sherrod, TD Ameritrade

LikeFolio is breaking new ground by tying social media mentions of brands to the stocks they roll up to.

Nicole Sherrod, TD Ameritrade
Andy Swan

As the CEO of LikeFolio, even I am amazed by how truly great LikeFolio is.

Andy Swan